NEW!! DIAMO Downlight and Wall Wash Family by Zumtobel

April 30, 2015

zumtobel diamo

Its unique lighting technology, which was developed in collaboration with the Bartenbach LichtLabor, makes the DIAMO downlight by Zumtobel a highlight in the world of miniaturized recessed luminaires: the specially designed reflectors provide absolutely precise beam patterns without any stray light, as well as perfect glare control. Combined with high-performance LED modules, high-intensity pinpoint accent lighting with excellent lighting quality and maximum brilliance is produced.

This diamond among LED downlights enhances both prestigious and functional areas in offices, lights goods in shops and retail areas brilliantly and powerfully center stage, and is ideal for use in hotels – from reception areas to hotel rooms. To achieve this, warm and intermediate color temperatures are available to create a personalized room ambience.