Bolt Series by Meteor | High Lumen Output & Compact Modular Design for Arenas and Stadiums

April 5, 2018

meteor bolt video

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Large Scale Decorative by Eureka | THINK BIG!

April 2, 2018


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Introducing The Lithonia Lighting® Quantum® Fixed Optics Emergency Light

March 28, 2018

lithonia elm2lf_001_png


Quantum® LED Fixed Optics 220 Lumens Emergency Light

Equipped with fixed lamp heads, no aiming is required for wall mount applications (mounting heights range from 7.5′ to 10′), making installation easy while maintaining the maximum path of egress coverage. The linear pattern provides wide uniform distributions that deliver broad spacing up to 35′ and low max to min ratios that far exceed code requirements.


Solar Powered Architectural Lighting by Valen Energy

March 26, 2018

valen energy arch solar

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Introducing Stream Dots by Prudential Lighting

March 22, 2018

pru_stream dots

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Acoustic Lighting Solutions by Luce Plan

March 21, 2018


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Introducing MagneConnect | The Fully Customizable Magnet Slot System by Electrix

March 21, 2018


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