REV 8 Prime by Meteor |8″ Aperture Recessed Downlight with Output from 21,762 – 25,521 Lumens

December 6, 2018

meteor rev 8 prime

NEW! WLTC by Lithonia Lighting-Emergency Lighting for Demanding Locations @AcuityBrands

October 22, 2018

lithonia wltc

#LithoniaLighting OneUp LED Downlights | Economical Recessed Lighting with a Unique “Canless” Design #LescoHouston

October 8, 2018

lithonia oneup

Check out the new #LithoniaLighting web site. #LescoHouston

October 3, 2018


New! 8″ Lithonia Lighting® Wafer™ with MVOLT or Switchable White Options #AcuityBrands #LescoHouston

September 27, 2018

lithonia 8in wafer

New Lithonia RSX LED Area Floodlight Luminaire by @AcuityBrands #LescoHouston

September 24, 2018



First Ever Juno Lighting Stock Guide is Now Available #LescoHouston

September 11, 2018

juno stock guide