Vertaic Solar LED Bollard – Capable of One for One Replacement of Traditional Wired Bollard Lights.

June 29, 2017


The VERTAIC Bollard solar lighting system by EmberLED is ideal for outdoor landscapes applications including pedestrian pathways, sidewalks, and walkways. By installing solar lighting bollards, you can increase pedestrian safety, enhance a landscape’s aesthetics, and provide guidance for nighttime drivers.

The VERTAIC Bollard is the only solar bollard on the market that can do a one-for-one replacement of traditional wired bollard lights. Having solar panels installed on all sides, the eSHINE Bollard absorbs ambient light as well as direct sunlight.  This makes the eSHINE Bollard ideal for any outdoor lighting project that has limited access to grid-powered electricity or is a new development.



NEW: AIRbar Linear SC by Bruck: Mounts Directly to Ceiling Grid with Integrated Magnets.

June 28, 2017

bruck airbar

The AIRbar Linear SC 0.5 luminaire with Suspended Ceiling Ribbon Cable Connector allows for easy integration into drop ceiling T-Bar grid applications, and allows for ultimate flexibility for all lighting projects. Its ultra slim profile at 5mm thick and light weight housing directly attaches to the T-Bar grid with integrated magnets. Capable of 495 lumens/foot @ 121 lumens per watt efficacy, the AIRbar can be installed individually or linked continuously. A truly sustainable light source comprised of ceramic and aluminum, the AIRbar uses 50x fewer raw materials than conventional light sources (measured by weight of fixtures in a typical installation).

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Wave Series by Lux Dynamics: High Abuse Direct / Indirect LED Natatorium Lighting

June 27, 2017

lux dynamics wave

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NEW: Bruck AIRsquare 4.0 – a simple, micro-thin, square downlight – installs directly to the ceiling.

June 26, 2017

bruck air square


The AIRsquare is a simple, micro-thin, performance square downlight. It’s ultra slim profile at 5mm thick and light weight design is ideal for projects where installation budget costs must be controlled. It can be installed directly to the ceiling with attached magnets using a small steel plate accessory or recessed with a simple shallow housing accessory. AIRsquare can be mounted on any surface. A truly sustainable light source comprised of ceramic and aluminum and 100% recyclable material. The AIRsquare uses 50x fewer raw materials than conventional light sources. Applications: Office, Industrial, Retail, Display, Under Cabinet, Task, and Residential Environments. Nicely compliments AIRbar Linear for T-Bar applications.

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IK-10 Series by Lux Dynamics: High-abuse extruded aluminum LED Hi-Bay

June 23, 2017

lux dynamics ik10

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June 22, 2017


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NEW: Wedge Series by Bartco mounts between architectural junctures providing seamless illumination.

June 21, 2017

bartco wedge

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Design multi-directional fixture runs and geometric shapes with the YoX linear LED system by Bartco

June 20, 2017

bartco yox

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Illuminate your landscape with quality bollards by Louis Poulsen

June 13, 2017


NEW: Leaf AirCoral® 6W LED Recessed Wall Luminaire by Designplan

June 12, 2017


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