Zumtobel Introduces TECTON LED Continuous Row Lighting System

July 26, 2016




The former foundry is now a combination of car workshop, laboratory and museum. Historic sports cars are inspected, appraised, repaired and then handed over to customers on these premises, which cover an area of 950 m². Daylight that shines down through the glazed roof, a daylight-based control system and a TECTON LED continuous-row lighting system guarantee high lighting levels with maximum efficiency. Within the next 20 years, more than 500 tons of COwill be saved thanks to this refurbishment. → Read Case Study



Powerbay by Wila Lighting – Spec Grade / Economical High Bay

July 20, 2016



POWERbay is a spec grade, economical, LED high bay. POWERbay has a traditional round form factor for easy retrofit and classic appearance. It is a one-for-one replacement for existing 400W MH or up to 6 54W T5HO with 27,000 lumens of directed light with a 5 YEAR NO COLOR SHIFT WARRANTY. 0-10v dimming to 2%, standard. POWERbay has a heavy duty, aluminum extruded heat sink to maximize thermal transfer extending the LED’s life. A precision convex, glass, optical lens creates optimal light distribution while (IP65 rated) protecting the LED from dust and insects.

Zumtobel Launches New Website

July 18, 2016




Introducing BEGA Library – the latest mobile application from BEGA!

July 14, 2016


BEGA Library

Introducing the latest mobile application from BEGA! Learn more about BEGA’s newest product introductions, discover examples of impressive case based installations, and watch our high-definition videos on demand. Content is added and revised continuously – updates are indicated automatically in the app. As an option you can download publications to your tablet for viewing offline.

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NEW: BEGA LED System Bollard

July 14, 2016



Introducing PANOS | The Next Generation Downlight by Zumtobel

July 12, 2016


Introducing PANOS Downlight Range

PANOS was developed in collaboration with Sottsass Associati with the skylight of the Pantheon in mind. Natural light as inspiration requires a light source and a reflector which is able to match it. To achieve this, a unique combination of LED chip and high-quality reflector was developed. The reflector designs are comprised of compound poly-carbonate and micro-thin, high-quality sputtered finish, which yields superior, high-performance optical solutions. The choice of this compound material was inspired by space technology, where it has proven itself as a strong yet lightweight solution mostly used for space helmets. The material allows a vast range of reflector finishes to choose from. With an efficacy up to 129+ lm/W, PANOS prides itself as a game-changing luminaire. → Explore PANOS Product Family

Introducing Meridian™ Square by Visa Lighting

July 11, 2016



This very popular chic luminous pendant now comes in square configurations as well. These simple, but alluring pendants will enhance any space by working with today’s modern design trends.  It’s Hip to be Square!

More Info About Meridian Square

Meridian Sell Sheet


Commercial Grade LED Strand Lighting by Targetti/DURA Lamp

July 7, 2016


DuraLED Line voltage cable light.  Long run length cable light with sockets available in various spacing. For indoor and outdoor lighting applications.Extremely flexible with multiple lamp types available.



NEW: Dial Ceiling & Wall by Eureka Lighting

July 6, 2016

eureka dial

Dial by Eureka Lighting combines a contemporary shaped, innovative design with a high-performance LED technology. The ultra-thin structure features an invisible rotational mechanism and a magnetic locking friction hinge system. Whether you install Dial on a wall or ceiling, its design will never go unnoticed.