Bruck Introduces Classic LED Pendant

May 26, 2015

bruck classic shades

Bruck’s Classic shade crosses several design boundaries allowing for a

nostalgic or a contemporary look. Whether using Bruck’s new integrated

1000lm, LED engine or Bruck’s new LED vintage Edison lamp, Classic

offers a unique design for many applications. The gorgeous automotive

finishes transport you to a Chevrolet® showroom in 1957. Classic hardware

and engines are offered with matte chrome, chrome or bronze and are

compatible with any Bruck, line-voltage track system as well as

4” mono-point canopy.

Click here for spec sheet


Introducing Tangent™ customizable lighting – from Vokslyte

May 22, 2015


At Vokslyte we have always been fascinated with the beauty of curved forms. Tangent™ customizable lighting contours take this fascination one step further. We factory curve the extruded aluminum profile to almost any elegant radius…or any straight or bent shape and illuminate the contour from within with ultra high-quality LEDs. These beautiful custom luminaires are available in pendant and wall mounted UpLight-Downlight, and surface, recessed or pendant mounted Downlight versions. The 2-inch wide luminaires are sectionalized and join perfectly to form seamless circular, curved, elliptical, racetrack, free-form, straight or angled architectural illumination…like drawing with light and metal. Internal light engine options are dimmable 50,000-hour LED in standard and high-output versions, and all drivers are internal and integral to the luminaires.

vokslyte logo

Bartco’s latest project!

May 20, 2015

bartco phipps plaza

The Versatile BSS210

Recent interior renovations to Phipps Plaza, an upscale Atlanta area mall, included effective lighting upgrades in the form of modified Bartco Lighting BSS210 LED luminaires.

Used extensively in the parking garages, the small profile BSS210 housing was recessed into the ceiling with custom mud-in flanges.  All that is exposed below the ceiling plane is the linear luminous frosted lens, complete with capped ends.

In nearby corridors, surface mounted BSS210s were employed.  For this application, the housings and lenses were mitered then joined with custom hardware to create illuminated squares.


Bruck Introduces Gents – LED Pendants

May 20, 2015

bruck gents

Gents is a simple solution for a contemporary lighting application. Whether a single pendant or a sea of 200, Gents will impact your overall design. A clean, brushed aluminum or black 4″ canopy and socket holder are accented by a decorative fabric cord in black, red or grey. The Edison socket allows for a smooth dimming LED nostalgic lamp. They are also offered with a decorative incandescent or without lamp. Standard cord length is 10 feet.


A unique refresh to one of your favorite healthcare luminaires …Welcome to the new VISA Serenity

May 20, 2015

visa new serenity

Our Serenity luminaires just got a facelift.  

Check out our four NEW calming patterns…


Venture (VEN)

Vector (VCT)

Essence (ESS)

Orbit (ORB)

visa logobig

NEW!! BEGA Small scale floodlights with mounting canopy

May 20, 2015

bega flood new

Small scale floodlights with mounting canopy

Compact floodlights with a wide range of power outputs and beam options. Well versed for many applications such as landscaping, facades, flag poles, trees, and signage. Floodlight luminaires with die-cast aluminum housings and safety glass. Reflector made of pure anodized aluminum. Provided with a two piece die-cast aluminum canopy for direct attachment to a standard 4″ wiring box or BEGA 538 wiring box.

LED units include Integral 120V – 277V electronic LED driver. LED color temperature is 4000K (for 3000K add suffix K3).
7604LED and 7607LED require a remote 24V DC class 2 LED driver. H.I.D. units include integral electronic ballasts.


NEW!! BEGA Two Post LED Bollard

May 20, 2015

BEGA 8062_NewProd

LED bollard – two post

Designed for effective lighting of landscapes, pathways, and open spaces from low mounting heights. Bollard luminaires with extruded aluminum post and lamp enclosure. Clear lens. Pure anodized aluminum reflector.Integral 120V-277V electronic LED driver, 0-10V dimming.


Peerless Open – Illumination that Inspires

May 15, 2015


Illumination that Inspires

Open luminaires by Peerless utilize constructive occlusion technology to reflect and diffuse LED light up across an inner arch and back down to produce soft, comfortable illumination from a lens-free linear form.

Without an underside lens, Open solves two of the most common issues with linear products – seams between lenses and the accumulation of dirt and dust atop the visible lens surface.





Selux Announces the Launch of Kju Square

May 14, 2015


Kju Square combines harmonic light with a subtle presence and graphical precision. Numerous mounting options enable its light modules to cater to a broad range of requirements, providing an integrated lighting concept for all types of projects. The Kju Square is particularly easy to install, and its flat, elegant design conceals premium quality lighting technology and ensures optimum visual comfort.

Features and Benefits:

  • Precision-edged, clear PMMA light module with Opal diffuser – ensures comfortable light with a sophisticated look.
  • As high as 2572 lumens, and up to 106 lumens per watt – provides plenty of light with fewer fixtures.
  • Choice of distributions – Direct or Direct/Indirect light modules allow the lighting distribution to match your needs.
  • Consistency between luminaires – Direct luminaires are tuned to match the output of the Direct side of the Direct/Indirect versions. This allows a mix of distributions on the same job with a cohesive luminous appearance.
  • A variety of mounting options available – select whichever mounting suits your space the best. Mix and match on the same job for an interesting arrangement of lights.
  • Long life – L70 @ >60,000 hours
  • Easy installation – minimize installation costs with a simple system to install.


  • Standard driver is 0-10V capable, down to 1%
  • 0-10V and DALI options down to 1% (consult Selux for .1% dimming)

Options Include:

  • Damp Location Option
  • UL924 Compliance for Emergency Wiring
  • 3000K, 3500K, 4000K with CRI >80

Please view the following sales tools available on our website:

Kju Square integrates effortlessly into many architectural styles and offers multiple opportunities for the illumination of rooms – for your office or canteen, for hallways or waiting areas, for conference rooms, staircases, retail shops or traffic areas. Be inspired!


Meet BeveLED® Flat and BabyLED® by USAI – The World’s Shallowest LED Housings

May 13, 2015

usai beveled_flat_v3_big

BeveLED® Flat

At 2-3/4″ tall USAI Lighting has designed and engineered the thinnest LED housing available for BeveLED 2.0: Meet BeveLED Flat. Integrate great lighting with ductwork, building infrastructure, and electrical with ease, in any plenum space, anywhere in the world.

usai babyled_big

BabyLED® Flat

At 2″ tall and 3″ to the finished ceiling, USAI Lighting has designed and engineered the shallowest LED housing for recessed lighting in the world: the NEW BabyLED Flat makes the most of tight spaces, with no need to sacrifice valuable ceiling height.