Louis Poulsen Project Spotlight: Railroad Park




When we think of America’s greenest cities, Birmingham, Alabama is not one that most immediately recall. But this city, renowned for being at the center of the American Civil Rights Movement, is also ranked number 1 for its amount of green space per capita. In fact, Birmingham leads the rest of the nation with 17.9 acres of space per 1,000 residents.

Pushing the city to the top of the list is Birmingham’s Ruffner Mountain. With its 1,038 acres and 11 miles of hiking trails, Ruffner Mountain is even larger than NYCs Central Park.

But this urban nature preserve is not the only emerald in the crown of the city, which for decades after the Civil Rights Movement carried the lingering impact that upset, turmoil and unrest made.  In addition, the surrounding antiquated manufacturing plants and warehouses created a large industrial area very much in need of a green thumb.

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