The Selux Avanza LED – Powerful. Aesthetic. Future Oriented.


The Selux Avanza LED

Powerful. Aesthetic. Future Oriented.
Efficient LED-based street lighting can be so simple with the Avanza – beautiful and variable, efficient and sustainable. With two luminaire sizes and several reflector systems, this product family provides solutions for a wide range of lighting tasks for streets or parking lots. The Avanza provides light which conforms to industry standards, using maximum pole distances. The Selux Avanza is constructed from cast, low copper aluminum housing with hinged door for tool-less access to the optical chamber. The Avanza family uses precision formed aluminum reflectors and anti reflection coated flat clear glass to create IES types II, III, and V distributions. The Avanza has low energy costs and a positive CO2 footprint, making this luminaire a convincing overall package.


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