Acuity Brands: Warehouse lighting: more options and lower costs


Up-front costs for warehouse lighting are easing, and options are expanding

From the outside looking in, warehouses can appear to be sleeping giants, with workers inside laboring under conditions unchanged since the first tilt-wall was lifted. But a look inside shows today’s warehouse operations today that are progressively more robust and dynamic in many way, including how lighting – the biggest draw on energy – is managed.

Around the turn of the millennium, high-intensity fluorescent lighting brought a significant number of benefits to warehouse environments, benefits that outshined high-pressure sodium and metal halide HID fixtures. Now, high-bay LED lighting is quickly gaining on or surpassing comparable fluorescent technology, as the overall cost for solid-state technology continues to come down. (And doing so without the high initial costs that once caused owners and operators to pause over LED installation or retrofitting.)

In addition to significant energy savings, today’s high-bay LED lighting provides high luminosity, high-temperature tolerance, long and reliable life, low-maintenance operation, compatibility with controls – and up-front affordability.

One example of a cost efficient LED luminaire for warehouse applications is the I-BEAM® LED fixture from Lithonia Lighting®, which was specifically designed as a one-for-one replacement of fluorescent and HID systems. This high-performance, high-quality, configurable LED luminaires pays for itself in as little as two years when compared to fluorescent lighting counterparts. And, as with most LED lighting products, the I-EAM LED fixtures pays dividends for years to come by way of a low total cost of operation.

Controls and daylighting take occupancy-cost savings even further

The I-BEAM LED luminaire is also an example of how LED fixtures can be integrated with controls technology to maximize the return on a high-bay-lighting investment for the modern-day warehouse. The luminaire can be equipped with an occupancy sensor, photocell, nLight® or nWiFi™ controls, devices that are factory-installed and that require minimal labor to set up during fixture installation.

An advanced energy-efficient warehouse goes a step further to combine lighting systems such as the I-BEAM LED and the compatible controls with daylighting. Daylighting products from Sunoptics®, for example, provide tremendous cost savings by harvesting the light of the sun. By integrating high-performance prismatic daylighting with a lighting-control system, building owners can create the optimum level of energy efficiency while creating an environment of high productivity for the workers using the space.
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