Finelite YouTube “LED Talks” Video: Flicker in LED Luminaires

September 26, 2013

fl_LED_FLicker_videoEngineers eliminated objectionable Flicker in fluorescent luminaires some time ago. Now, with the rapid rise in popularity of LED lighting systems, the issue has reemerged. The Department of Energy and some regulatory agencies are working to set standards for acceptable levels of flicker. In this video, the second installment in a continuing series of LED Talks™, Finelite founder and CTO Terry Clark reviews flicker: the concerns, causes, testing, and techniques for minimizing flicker.

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SORAA Perfect Beam GaN on GaN LED technology lamps

September 24, 2013


Equivalent to 75W Halogen

The SORAA PREMIUM 2 LED MR16 lamp is based on Soraa’s second generation GaN on GaN LEDs, which deliver a 40% increase in light output from the first generation ones. For applications that require very high light output from tiny form factors – e.g. MR16 lamps – Soraa’s tiny but powerful Gen 2 LEDs deliver unprecedented performance and light quality. The PREMIUM 2 lamp is the only LED MR16 lamp in the world with light output equivalent to a 75W Halogen MR16 lamp.

soraa 2-lamps


Acuity Brands: Warehouse lighting: more options and lower costs

September 18, 2013


Up-front costs for warehouse lighting are easing, and options are expanding

From the outside looking in, warehouses can appear to be sleeping giants, with workers inside laboring under conditions unchanged since the first tilt-wall was lifted. But a look inside shows today’s warehouse operations today that are progressively more robust and dynamic in many way, including how lighting – the biggest draw on energy – is managed.

Around the turn of the millennium, high-intensity fluorescent lighting brought a significant number of benefits to warehouse environments, benefits that outshined high-pressure sodium and metal halide HID fixtures. Now, high-bay LED lighting is quickly gaining on or surpassing comparable fluorescent technology, as the overall cost for solid-state technology continues to come down. (And doing so without the high initial costs that once caused owners and operators to pause over LED installation or retrofitting.)

In addition to significant energy savings, today’s high-bay LED lighting provides high luminosity, high-temperature tolerance, long and reliable life, low-maintenance operation, compatibility with controls – and up-front affordability.

One example of a cost efficient LED luminaire for warehouse applications is the I-BEAM® LED fixture from Lithonia Lighting®, which was specifically designed as a one-for-one replacement of fluorescent and HID systems. This high-performance, high-quality, configurable LED luminaires pays for itself in as little as two years when compared to fluorescent lighting counterparts. And, as with most LED lighting products, the I-EAM LED fixtures pays dividends for years to come by way of a low total cost of operation.

Controls and daylighting take occupancy-cost savings even further

The I-BEAM LED luminaire is also an example of how LED fixtures can be integrated with controls technology to maximize the return on a high-bay-lighting investment for the modern-day warehouse. The luminaire can be equipped with an occupancy sensor, photocell, nLight® or nWiFi™ controls, devices that are factory-installed and that require minimal labor to set up during fixture installation.

An advanced energy-efficient warehouse goes a step further to combine lighting systems such as the I-BEAM LED and the compatible controls with daylighting. Daylighting products from Sunoptics®, for example, provide tremendous cost savings by harvesting the light of the sun. By integrating high-performance prismatic daylighting with a lighting-control system, building owners can create the optimum level of energy efficiency while creating an environment of high productivity for the workers using the space.
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The Selux Avanza LED – Powerful. Aesthetic. Future Oriented.

September 18, 2013


The Selux Avanza LED

Powerful. Aesthetic. Future Oriented.
Efficient LED-based street lighting can be so simple with the Avanza – beautiful and variable, efficient and sustainable. With two luminaire sizes and several reflector systems, this product family provides solutions for a wide range of lighting tasks for streets or parking lots. The Avanza provides light which conforms to industry standards, using maximum pole distances. The Selux Avanza is constructed from cast, low copper aluminum housing with hinged door for tool-less access to the optical chamber. The Avanza family uses precision formed aluminum reflectors and anti reflection coated flat clear glass to create IES types II, III, and V distributions. The Avanza has low energy costs and a positive CO2 footprint, making this luminaire a convincing overall package.


NEW! Skydome LED from Focal Point

September 16, 2013

fp_skydome_led_appSimplicity of form. Versatile style. Inspired by domes found in architecture, Skydome by Focal Point elegantly illuminates your environment. LED versions include a flat frosted lens to diffuse brightness and LED image while promoting efficacy.

Skydome LED Cutsheet

Skydome LED Web



September 11, 2013


A suggested replacement for 400W metal halide sources, the 8200HL Series is a high performance compact precision LED lighting system certified for the following hazardous areas; Class 1, Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D. Multiple LED optical systems provide a wide range of precise light control and an array of mounting accessories are available to suit almost any application.  The 8100HL Series offers the same features and classifications and is a suggested replacement for 150W metal halide sources.


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September 10, 2013




September 5, 2013


The compact, high-performance TPS series Architectural RGB Floodlight uses a red, green, and blue LED array to create DMX controlled color-changing lighting effects. Color control is achieved using either the Easyl™ controller from Acuity Brands or any standard DMX512 hardware.

  • Integrally mounted electronic ballast/driver
  • External glare control available
  • Performance optical package (6 LED distributions)
  • Robust die-cast housing
  • Infinite adjustment taper lock yoke for maximum field adjustability and aiming (patent pending)

Please visit Hydrel’s TPS1or TPS2 webpage for detailed specifications, photometry, and installation instructions.



Major U.S. Cities Mandating Energy Benchmarking: Easy Energy Monitoring Solutions with Leviton Smart Meters

September 3, 2013


A new study by the Rhodium Group and United Technologies recently reported American businesses, governments and households could save up to $65 billion per year by improving building efficiencies and investing in current technologies by 2030.
In January of 2014, new regulatory changes to California’s Title 24 will require mandatory metering and monitoring for energy efficiencies in all new residential and commercial construction. In addition, other cities across the U.S. like Boston and Seattle recently passed energy benchmarking mandates for large commercial and residential building owners to track and report energy and water usage in an effort to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. These mandates and rising energy prices have many facility owners and managers seeking out more sustainable building optimization solutions to lower their facility’s environmental impact and improve their bottom line.
Installing smart meters and energy monitoring software gives facility owners the tools to identify energy inefficiencies and track tenant real-time energy usage. Smart meters can qualify for LEED Certification points and assist consumers in making informed business decisions. By investing in building efficiencies like smart meters, facility owners can effectively lower energy costs, encourage responsible energy usage and stay competitive.
For more information, click on EnergyStar.Gov or Energy.Ca.Gov.


Track Building Performance with Submetering Solutions    

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Commercial, industrial and governmental facility owners across the U.S. have saved on energy costs and consumption through VerifEye’s real-time energy monitoring and tenant billing solutions.

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  • Tracking and Monitoring:  Real Time Energy Usage and Performance 
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  • Seamless Integration: VerifEye’s easy configuration to Building Automation Networks

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