Lithonia Lighting OLCFM LED | It is Far More Than Just a Canopy Light

August 29, 2013


Install the OLCFM LED from Lithonia Lighting and get an LED luminaire that doesn’t let form get in the way of function.

Equal parts wall pack and canopy light, the OLCFM LED is engineered for adaptability. Versatile and attractive, the OLCFM LED can be seamlessly and beautifully integrated throughout a site in either wall- or ceiling-mount applications.

The sleek, low-profile luminaire is offered in bronze and white finishes, and its 4000K LEDs provide crisp, white light that produces optimal results.



Lithonia Lighting OLCS LED Luminaire | Sophistication Inside and Out

August 29, 2013


Defined by its smooth, clean lines, the OLCS LED luminaire  by Lithonia Lighting delivers a fresh, chic look to any building’s exterior. Equipped with sophisticated microDrive™ technology, the luminaire requires no driver which significantly reduces the product’s complexity while greatly extending its longevity.

Available in white and bronze finishes, the OLCS LED luminaire features a polycarbonate diffuser which produces bright, glare-free illumination and rugged durability ideal for use around walkways, entryways and stairwells.


Minimal Scale. Maximum Results. New D-Series Size “0” from Lithonia Lighting

August 27, 2013

D Series Launch Email_640_R2

A luminaire that is pedestrian in scale only, the D-Series LED
Area Size 0 by Lithonia Lighting proves big things really do come in small packages.

Pedestrian Scale Smaller housing is ideally suited for 8′-20′ mounting heights.
11 Optical Distributions Distributions offer flexibility to tailor light levels and meet site-specific design criteria.
Scalable Performance The Size 0 is capable of replacing any luminaire between 42W CFL and 400W MH.
Integrated Controls Available with motion sensor; bi-level and part-night scheduled dimming; and ROAM® wireless monitoring and control.

Higher Performance Delivers up to 13,715 lumens or up to 119 lumens per watt.

Lithonia Lighting enhances AL Series with 1X4 Luminaire

August 27, 2013


Lithonia Lighting enhances AL Series
with 1’x4′ Luminaire

 LED Lighting Never Looked So Good

AL Series recessed and fluorescent luminaires’ concave, fully-luminous panel is accentuated by a linear-prismatic center refractor. Together, the optical features create an attractive aesthetic that is visually comfortable. The new 1’x4′ joins the 2’x2′ and 2’x4′ configurations, providing an AL Series luminaire for almost any space or application.

Form and Function Redefined  

AL Series — much more than good looks: 


Flexibility – available in LED and fluorescent sources (T8,   T5)


Performance – advanced LED light engine delivers up to 88 LPW


No pixilation – refractive optics manage LED brightness and   imaging

Smart + Simple Lighting Solution 

AL Series LED luminaires integrate nLight® technology for easy-to-use digital control capability. The luminaire and control system are designed to work together visually and electronically, enabling lighting that is tailored to its application and more responsive to its environment.  

 AL Series — Still Redefining LED illumination!




How much energy do lighting controls save?

August 21, 2013


Calculating Energy Savings

Energy savings due to installing lighting controls can be challenging to predict since spaces and lighting needs vary from site to site and throughout the year. Energy savings from controls achieve power savings through dimming and shutoff based on varying inputs like daylight availability and occupant utilization. Further, lighting controls with dimming capability create light level changes based on user preference and other factors.

While lighting control savings can be estimated for a given project based on application data, it is useful to evaluate various lighting control strategies based on average energy savings. Knowing an average is also useful for benchmarking predictions and results.
Enter the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), which analyzed 240 energy savings estimates from 88 case studies and papers. Using filters to zero in on lighting energy savings produced by lighting controls in actual field installations, the researchers developed best estimates for average lighting energy savings and published the results in an industry paper. These estimates ranged from 24-42% and covered occupancy sensing, personal and institutional tuning, daylight harvesting and the combination of multiple control strategies, as shown below.
The LBNL study demonstrates that advanced lighting control strategies typically save significant amounts of energy, and provide guidance for average savings.

LBNL best estimates of average lighting energy savings for various lighting control strategies.
1. Occupancy sensors that change lighting automatically can reduce energy consumption by up to 24%.
Acuity’s Sensor Switch® is an industry leader in developing occupancy sensors and control switches and has the widest array of sensors offered from any manufacturer. Their controls feature small motion detection, relay circuit protection and passive dual technology (PIR / Microphonics™) that can literally “See & Hear” into areas with obstructions.
2. Institutional tuning of light levels (using high end limits on the lighting to deliver the right amount of light) by dimming controls reduced energy consumption by up to 36% on average.
Dimming systems from  Acuity’s Synergy® Lighting Control, SensorSwitch’s nLight® and LC&D enable smooth full-range dimming on fluorescent, LED, low voltage and halogen luminaires. These systems can be tailored for office, education, retail and institutional spaces.
3. Using daylight harvesting can reduce energy consumption by up to 28%.
Daylight levels are detected by photosensors which can then tell the controls how much to reduce electric light while still delivering excellent illumination in the space. Acuity Brands can integrate a full range of daylight harvesting strategies with the LC&D, Synergy or nLight® controls systems plus Sunoptics® LightFlex™ daylighting delivery system to bring sunlight deeper into the space for additional savings. This allows the user to control how much daylight or electric light is being used to illuminate a space, or they can have the footcandle levels pre-set and let the system do the adjusting for them.
4. Combining any of the multiple strategies reduces energy consumption by 38%.
Acuity Brands makes combining control solutions with energy-efficient and smart lighting easy with an extensive portfolio of products – also Acuity solutions are manufactured and supported by one company.
How Acuity Brands Can Help
Acuity Brands leads the industry in helping make these savings a reality with the most extensive product portfolio in the industry. The previously mentioned products and solutions integrate seamlessly with each another, providing the end user with a complete lighting solution that enhances their environment, reduces energy usage and saves them money.

Click here to download the complete LBNL study.


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Coming Soon!! E1 LED from Finelite – Minimalist Shape. Breakthrough Performance.

August 21, 2013

finelite_e1E1-Ied breaks the bonds of convention and uses LEDs to relate to the built environment in a new way. From open shapes to micro linear forms these luminaires deliver the performance required to illuminate a space efficiently with a beauty to complement the architecture.

  • Available in linear and configuration forms
  • Long Life Mid-power LEDs
  • E1 configurations float on thin conductive suspension cables
  • Top Glow™  diffuser delivers clean uniform glow
  • Orders accepted for 10-day shipping on 10/1/13



Expanded and Enhanced Peerless Quickship Program

August 15, 2013


NEW LED Outdoor Microsites From Lithonia Lighting

August 14, 2013


Two New Microsites.
Each One Click Away.

The all new D-Series and TWH LED microsites from Lithonia Lighting are easy to find, simple to use and provide all of the latest information on these great products.


Lithonia Lighting TWH LED Lithonia Lighting D-Series





Acculamp LED MR16 – Now Delivering 450 Lumens with Dimming Capability

August 7, 2013

acculamp mr16

The Acculamp MR16 is now engineered to deliver 450 lumens.

The new Acculamp MR16 LED continues to boast its single optic design, concealing the LED for a more traditional appearance.  The MR16 450L replaces 50W halogen sources with onlu 8 watts providing 84% energy savings.

  • Dimmable to 10%
  • Expected life 50,000 hours
  • Rated for damp locations
  • Available in 24 or 36 degree beam angles
  • 2700K or 4000K

Spec Sheet

Product Page


Mark Architectural Lighting SLOT 6 LED – Available NOW!

August 7, 2013

SLOT6LED_Launchletter_HeaderSlot 6 LED, the most versatile member of the slot family, offers nLight digital controls and endless creative possibilities.  It boasts higher efficiencies and layout flexibility, and its a perfect fit for Armstrong TechZone  ceiling systems.  Through an optional down light component, Slot 6 LED integrates point source lighting with general illumination, and a regressed lens option provides added dimension to the sleek slender design.  Slot 6 LED is a natural choice for spaces that emphasize basic lines and clean design.