Acuity Brands Controls Adds Easyl Touch for Dynamic and Easy DMX RGB Control

December 20, 2012


Acuity Brands is pleased to add Easyl™ Touch to our family of DMX RGB control products. Easyl Touch improves control of RGB LED luminaires with an astronomic time clock, intuitive scheduling and remote station support. The color LCD touch screen allows users to modify preprogrammed shows to create subtle or dramatic eye-catching lighting effects. Easyl’s intuitive user interface and show preview bar invite users to play.

The Easyl Touch is ideal for:
• Restaurants
• Bars
• Lobbies
• Museums
• Retail displays
• Building facades

DMX512-A Compatible
Easyl Touch is compliant with DMX512-A, which means it can work with virtually any DMX luminaire, including those with RDM support. Control, programming and maintenance of DMX color-changing lighting have never been easier. Pairing Easyl Touch with the Parata flood from Winona Lighting or other DMX RGB luminaires from Acuity Brands ensures the highest level of performance and quality from a single source.

Additional Features

  • Astronomic Time Clock: starts shows, plays a color, triggers a rainbow, or turns off based on time of day or offset from sunrise and sunset
  • Battery Backup: keeps clock running for 10+ years in case of power failure
  • Accessory Control Stations: hard button or touch screens station allow control from up to 3 locations

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Introducing VRR LED – Wet Location Vandal Resistant Series from Lithonia Lighting

December 20, 2012


VRR Now in LED!
The VRR Series vandal-resistant recessed product has always been built strong enough to stand the test of time. Now with LED technology, the electronics are also built
to last.

VRR LED is the first LED wet-location recessed product from Lithonia Lighting. While its current form factor is designed for a 1′ x 1′ space, a 2′ x 2′ grid adapter is available for those spaces requiring a larger fixture. The VRR LED is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, including retail malls, under canopy, bank drive-thrus, soffits, gas stations and schools.


Veer Recessed: A New Direction in General Lighting from Focal Point

December 19, 2012


New recessed general lighting product added to the Veer family from Focal Point.  See details here.





Targetti Intruduces Ercole LED

December 19, 2012

targetti_ercole_ledA powerful combination of leds integrated into a large, sleek suspension offering unique lighting solutions for larger spaces.

To illuminate a space in the most comfortable way, Ercole offers two options: a direct/indirect version distributes light up/down (50/50). The direct version distributes light predominantly downwards. Either version can be used to create a specific atmosphere particularly when using different mounting heights in areas with high ceilings.

The two sizes 41.9″ and 59.1″ have now been introduced with respectively 181W and 337W of LED.

Ercole LED is available in five color options:


Iris Purple
Pearl White
Polished Black
Rust Red
Yellow Mustard

Price range $2.798 – $4.245targetti_logo


New LED Products from Targetti

December 13, 2012



Targetti’s new range of cutting-edge, professional lighting instruments are rugged enough to operate in wet, outdoor locations. Dimming variants are offered for all product families.

Targetti LED luminaires combine optimal thermal management along with high optical quality and the efficiency of LED technology. Targetti is proud to offer a five-year guarantee on its entire line of LED products.



Lithonia Lighting Announces Upgraded D-Series LED Area Size 2 Luminaire

December 12, 2012








Extraordinary Performance. Incredible Power.  Reduced Price!
Reduced Price

Lower initial price promotes LED conversion through accelerated project ROI.

6 New Optical Distributions

Includes Type 1 and short distribution types.

Factory-Rotated Optics Available

90° left or right for automotive dealerships and other specialty applications.

Integral Motion Sensor Option

Fully programmable, bi-level motion sensor with photocontrol feature.

Higher Performance

Up to 108 lumens per watt. Up to 26,086 lumens


See product information here.lithonia

Selux announces updates to the award winning M-LED family

December 12, 2012


Selux announces updates to the award winning M-LED Family.
M-LED takes a clean design and creates shadow-less illumination with continuous lines of light. Take lighting design to the next level with energy efficient M-LED. 

For complete and detailed spec information, please visit our website using the links below:

M60 LED [Family Page]


Get Control – Lithonia Lighting D-Series Area Products Now with Motion Sensor

December 12, 2012





Increased Energy Savings

Energy savings of 50%-85% during periods of inactivity.

Fully Programmable

Nine programmable attributes include maximum and minimum output, motion time delay, dimmed level, fade down, and ramp up times. Factory defaults can be field adjusted to any setting.

Enhanced Lifespan

Dimmed operation extends LED and driver life.

Safety and Security

Dimmed luminaires provide security lighting and quickly ramp up to full light output when motion is detected for increased visibility.

See product page here.


New Valut 2×2 LED from Focal Point: Rise Above the Ordinary

December 11, 2012




With elegant simplicity, Vault by Focal Point elevates the standard for LED luminaires.  Introduce lofty softness into your designs with gently rounded corners and glowing domed reflector.  Vault in easy on the eyes in every way, providing comfortable indirect illumination that will uplift your space.






New Continuing AIA Education Course from Prudential Lighting: A Guide for Specifying Commercial Lighting Earn 1.00 HSW Credit

December 6, 2012

aiaPrudential Ltg. is offering an accreditation course to architects and designers defining the criteria of a well-lit room. A veritable guide to superior lighting, the course will explore the most effective, efficient fixtures for varying workspaces. 


Continuing Education

Use the following learning objectives to focus your study while reading this month’s Continuing Education article.

Learning Objectives – After reading this article, you will be able to:

  1. Identify the light necessary to perform various visual tasks, as recommended by the IESNA .
  2. Explain how optical systems in fixtures affect the efficiency and light distribution of the fixture.
  3. Use a photometric report to predict how a lighting fixture will distribute light in a space and identify potential glare concerns.
  4. Explore the impact of greater fixture spacing criteria on the overall energy footprint of the lighting system and ongoing system maintenance.

Credits: 1.00 HSW

Take the online course here.