Acuity Brands Centers for Light & Space offer AIA and USGBC accredited Online eLearning Courses

October 30, 2012

Virtual Learning is now available through our online Learning Management System!  Experience self-paced Lighting and Controls education and training courses without leaving your desk!  Courses include AIA and USGBC accredited presentations and introductory systems training.  

See the Center for Light & Space Quarterly News Letter here.

Introducing Gotham Incito Square – Solid-state luminaires with the ability to handle a wide range of lighting scenarios.

October 26, 2012

The Incito LED square open downlight series with precise lighting characteristics make it a versatile tool for multiple applications. Abundant lumen packages allow it to work in many different spaces from atriums to lower corridors. Precision optics provides dramatic illumination while eliminating hot spots or secondary cones of light. A wide range of beam distributions give designers the means to realize their lighting vision.

See Gotham Incito Series Video here.


The Winline 600 Series by Winona Lighting – High Performance Linear Submersible LED

October 25, 2012

The Winline 607 Series product by Winona Lighting was designed specifically for the 9/11 Memorial project.  The Winline 600 series is suitable for  installation up to 3 meters deep in water  containing vessels not intended for  partial and complete immersion of  persons. The product range consists of the 1.75″ dia 603 and the 6.5″ dia 607.  Both operate on 24VAC  using remote transformers and are easily  dimmed with commonly available low voltage magnetic dimming equipment.

Hydrel Introduces TPS2 Architectural Floodlight – Designed to Utilize LED, T6, and Cosmopolis Lamps

October 24, 2012

The TPS2 Floodlight is the medium in a series of axial styled floodlights designed to utilize the latest in lamp technology. This functional floodlight series will provide a consistent style and performance for flood lighting applications over a wide range of lamp wattages. The TPS2 utilizes a unique matching of dedicated optical systems and internal electronic ballasts to deliver optimum light output from all metal halide T6 lamps up to 150 watts and Cosmopolis lamps to 140 watts. With its robust diecast housing, durable powder coat finish, and patent pending taper lock yoke design, this fixture was designed to meet the most demanding of lighting installations.

What is naturally smart, remarkably simple AND saves energy?

October 23, 2012

Sunoptics® LightFlex™ brings new technology to daylight delivery.


Numerous studies have cited the benefits of increasing the amount of natural light to indoor spaces, but we don’t need them to tell us what we instinctively know; the quality and color of natural light just makes us feel better. It has also been shown to increase student test scores, increase productivity and attendance among workers, increase retail sales and contribute to a healthier environment. It offers all of these benefits and we haven’t even touched upon energy savings yet. Lighting control solutions that incorporate daylight harvesting are estimated to reduce the energy cost of lighting by well over 50%!


What If you could find a solution to bring natural daylight into a building without heat gain (during warmer months) or blinding glare? What if this solution also significantly reduced energy costs?


Sunoptics® is making this possible by introducing LightFlex ™, an innovative daylighting delivery system for suspended-ceiling applications. LightFlex features advanced design and superior technology that provides optimal daylight throughout the day, maximizing glare-free, 100%-diffused quality lighting while minimizing the power needed for electric light.


LightFlex works by capturing daylight. The patented Signature Series prismatic skylight captures low-angle sunlight and allows daylighting for more hours and on more days per year. The prisms go beyond capturing the available light; they refract and diffuse it without substantial visible light reduction, allowing for greater light harvest on both clear and cloudy days.


A tubular daylighting device, LightFLex includes a patent-pending optic sphere, a high-performance reflective light well and adjustable elbows to bypass obstructions between the roof and suspended ceilings to transport natural light into the building.


Adjustable louvers allow you to control the amount of daylight entering the room so that the perfect amount of light is delivered for the task at hand. You can have higher light levels when needed or lower levels for visual presentations or compliance with night sky requirements.


The LightFlex system also distributes light with diffuser options that match a large number of fixtures, such as the TLEDACLED and ALL LED, all from Acuity Brands. When standing in a room, it may be difficult to distinguish the difference between the electric fixture that is using energy, and the diffuser that is delivering natural light. All the building occupant really sees are lighting fixtures that are similar in style and blend in well with the interior design of the space.


Naturally smart, remarkably simple


LightFlex can play a central role as part of a complete lighting solution from Acuity Brands. These powerful solutions combine LED fixtures and/or newer florescent technology with digital control systems such as nLight or a system from Lighting Control & Design. The result is a smart solution from one manufacturer, with a single point of contact for a more simplified ordering and support process.


To learn more about the benefits of LightFlex, download the brochure that details complete solutions for office and classroom applications.


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New Ratio Family Brochure now Available from Tersen Lighting

October 22, 2012

The recently expanded family of Ratio products from Tersen Lighting provides more flexibility in mounting, more choices in LED lumen packages, and multiple color temperatures and distributions to help put the right amount of light where it is needed.



Peerless Integrated Classroom Lighting Controls

October 22, 2012

Peerless has teamed up with fellow Acuity Brands companies Sensor Switch® and Lighting Control and Design® to bring you classroom control packages that integrate with our efficient luminaires.

October’s LD+A magazine showcases Finelite’s “Morale Booster” lighting solution

October 18, 2012

October’s LD+A magazine showcases Finelite’s “Morale Booster” lighting solution.

Finelite lives and teaches task-ambient lighting at their headquarters and shows specifiers and architects it is possible to design to 0.50 watts per sq. ft. without compromising lighting quality.  Cornerstone Architectural Group outfitted SHI with one of Finelite’s task-ambient lighting solutions best suited for this global tech client and it’s getting rave reviews.
Product Breakdown:

TASK: Sleek, LED under cabinet light. Product: Edge 7 watt 21″ UC

VERTICAL: Recessed fluorescent wall washers used in corridors and vertically mounted fluorescent pendants in wall niches. Products: HPW, Series 15, and Series 12WM

AMBIENT: 1 lamp T8 pendant rows spaced 18′ apart along furniture spine. Product: Series 12-ID

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The Selux M125 Interior / Exterior Lighting System has been updated.

October 18, 2012

The Selux M125 is designed and manufactured to withstand the most demanding transits, subway, tunnels, parking garages, stairwells and other high traffic general area lighting applications. The M125 is IP65, IK10 and UL rated for wet location applications. It will meet or exceed the intended criteria for the interior or exterior applications.  M125 has been updated with new capabilities including:  Concrete pour, wall mount, and dimension up to 12ft.

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Acculamp Announces New Website

October 17, 2012












New website from Acculamp offers applications, spec information and .IES files.